The Traveler

Hello! If you got this far it’s because we have a will in common, the desire to travel! My name is Leonardo Lima, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Brasília, capital of Brazil, but currently I’m living in Dublin, Ireland and I’m a traveler of this blog.

Traveling has never been my goal, but it was a desire that began to awaken slowly but was after my first trip in 2010 that latent desire awakened and never stopped. It was from there that I discovered that there is a world beyond the limits of my city, country .. comfort zone and it’s this world that want to find out, because as Einstein said; one mind when it expands to a new idea never returns to its original size.

I love to see new places, cities and cultures, but also like being in touch with the environment and venturing on some mountain or desert around. I always try to learn what the place can add on me and my life for personal growth.

Of course we have the responsibilities of our day like study and work and get away from problems is almost impossible, even for travelers. But one thing is certain for me, I won’t lose my life just trying to win it!

One way to keep all those trips “Immortalized” let it be so, it was creating this blog, a page that I didn’t just report my experiences in various places, but also share with everyone and so they know well.

The places I have visited