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The Sex Museum in Amsterdam +18

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Certainly you have visited several museums in many places on the world, but I believe none have been so unusual or bizarre as the one I will comment on today. Amsterdam is an incredible city and where you can find everything, even a museum dedicated only to the sex, which goes from history to some “whoring” and bizarre things.

So I’ll let you know that the following photos are a little bit explicit and if you treat sex as taboo or even think that we were born from a bean sprout, it’s better not to proceed.

The Sex Museum of Amsterdam or the Temple of Venus as they call it was the first in the world, after it many others were created in other cities. With around 500 thousand visits a year, it’s one of the most important in the industry and contains items ranging from photos, videos, statues and sexual objects, and all this content was gathered by the museum owner himself. With the slogan “Sex is the most natural thing in the world” the place attracts curious people from every corner of the world.

How to get in the Sex Museum in Amsterdam?

The Sex Museum is located right in the center of Amsterdam, next to the canal on Damrak Street. It is very close to Amsterdam Centraal, the main train station in the city, so there is no mistake.

How much is the Sex Museum in Amsterdam?

The entrance to the Museum of Sex costs € 5.00, you can pay in cash or card and the minimum age to enter the museum is 16 years. There are no restrictions on shooting and filming.

How is visiting the Sex Museum in Amsterdam?

The museum is divided into several rooms scattered in a 17th century building, a large mansion in which all the rooms connect via stairs and corridors. A great labyrinth of pleasure haha. The place isn’t that big, so depending on your interest the visit won’t be longer than 30 minutes.

Right at the entrance you already have some mannequins dressed in some very peculiar costumes. Walking a bit more you can go visiting the various rooms of the place. Some are full of pornographic pictures of all sorts, but they depict sexual experiences in the last few decades. There are also sections showing ancient objects and sex in antiquity.

Detail that in the background has an audio of a couple fucking whole time hahaha, they don’t stop moaning, until there comes a point where we wonder; Come on couple? Will you finish it or not? Haha

Well, there’s not much to talk about. The Sex Museum in Amsterdam is interesting, but my opinion is that it’s kind of silly. It’s worth a visit if you’re out of town just for a hobby, but it’s not something I suggest is mandatory.

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